Friday, March 7, 2014

Quick Update

We saw the eye doctor in January and Jackson was still having a flare in his eyes.  He has been battling this current flare since last summer.  So for now he is still on the steroids but his pressures in his eyes seem to be holding so that's good.  We have another eye appointment Monday so I am keeping my fingers crossed for some improvement.  Other than that Jackson has been doing very well.  He has not complained of any joint pain or soreness in the last month.  And he has not had any migraines since January!  He has been fairly healthly for the last couple of months which is so nice since last winter he was so sick all the time.  Monday we have a full day of 4 different appointments in Minneapolis.  First appointment of the day will be the eye doc then the Rheumatologist, then infusion and we finish the day with the ped neurologist!  It will be a long day but beats driving to Minneapolis 3 different times in one month!  We will be leaving early afternoon Sunday so Jackson's uncle who lives near the cities is going to take him to the science museum and then well spend the night.  Jackson is really excited!
Will update after Mondays appointments.