Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The last couple of weeks have been hard with Jackson. He seems to be more uncomfortable and in pain. We had almost a week straight of him waking up in the middle of the night in pain and crying. He has been complaining his knee hurts and the last couple of mornings he has been limping and not wanting to walk. It is very swollen. I had been debating on if I should bring him because his appointment with the rheumatolgist is tomorrow. But finally yesterday I brought him in. They did a xray and some blood work. The xray didn't show anything so that means the knee is related to his JRA so I am anxious for tomorrow I can't stand to see him in pain anymore. For now we are giving him ibprofen 3x a day to make him comfortable.
On a sad note Mike's Grandpa, Jackson's Great- Grandpa, had a massive stroke on Friday and passed away last night. Jackson called him ''Papa'' and spent about 3 days a week with him while Mike and I worked. So they were very close and best buds. Jackson is named after him, his name is Jack. He was a great man and will be greatly missed. Unfortunately Jackson does not understand where ''Papa'' is and still asks for him and when he sees a van that looks like Papas he thinks its him. Above are Pictures of Jackson and Jack. Thats it for now please keep thinking and praying for Jackson and for our loss.

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