Monday, June 28, 2010


We have seen no change in Jackson since he started the ibprofen 5 weeks ago. The last couple of weeks seem to be worse. He is having a lot more pain at night that keeps him up crying and a lot of pain in the morning that he won't walk. The other morning he pulled himself around the house with his arms dragging his legs! By late morning he is usually up walking but if you watch him walk closely his walking is getting worse and you can see he favors the left knee a lot. But he is a trooper always trying to run around and be active. I sometimes wonder if he over does it but I want him to live and play a ''normal life!'' I called the pediactric rheumatolgist last Thursday morning after some pretty rough nights and he switched Jackson's meds to Naproxen which is stronger. He was also thinking he would end up adding another pain med with it to help. I am very disappointed the ibprofen wasn't working because if we keep going stronger on the meds the harder it is on his body when taking it regularly. But the outcome will be worth it. The doctor also wants Jackson to have a injection in that knee sometime soon and possibly the one toe because the swelling has not gotten any better but worse! The injection should have a significant impact on pain and swelling however it doesnt last forever. You can keep getting more if needed however Mike and I are only doing it this once to get the treatment going. Due to the fact Jackson is so little he has to be sedated to get the injection and we don't want to sedate him often for this! So hopefully we can find the right meds and Jackson will go into remission!

We have been feeling bad for Jackson lately so thought it would be nice to make a fun trip to the cities and go to Como Zoo! He had a lot of fun and keeps asking when are going back! He loved all the animals and we even rode a few rides at the Como Park. This coming weekend we are going to try going on Jackson's first camping trip to Holcombe. I have family that has trailers up there and all Jackson's little cousins will be there to play so were hoping it goes well.
Jackson's 3rd Birthday is coming up on July 11th! He is getting so big too fast!

Thank you again for checking on Jackson and all your thoughts and prayers.

May god bless you all!


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