Monday, July 26, 2010


Just a little update. Jackson has made quite a improvement in the right knee since the joint injection! The swelling has gone way down and it only takes about 10 minutes in the morning for him to walk on it! Compared to 2 hours before he could walk, which is a huge improvement. We have done 2 weeks of the methotreaxte injections at home, that has been going well. He lays down on the couch really good for me and doesn't even cry! He is such a trooper with all the poking and prodding. We are still weaning off the steriod eye drops so I will be curious on what the opthamologist has to say on the next appt. He still takes the Naproxen 2x a day also, which the plan is he will be on that long term or til he goes into remission. The one toe has gone down slightly in size but is still swollen. All in all he seems to be finally improving. It feels like we have been battling this for months but it has only been about 3 months. I just wonder how long Jackson has had this disease and we didn't even know it!
Jackson has been really sick with a cold the last week and can't seem to kick it so we might be making a visit to the Ped here within the next week if he doesn't get better. I kinda figured with having a immune system proplem plus being on a immunosupprsant drug would make for him catching every single bug but I guess the payoff to get in remission will be worth it!
August will be a busy month with 3 appts schuduled already. Unfortuntaly we couldn't get both the doctors at the childrens hospital schduled in the same day so I have to make the drive twice in two weeks. And Mike is out of PTO time so I will be doing it all alone! Jackson sees the Peds Rheumatolgist on August 12th and the Peds Opthlamolgist on the 18th and his Ped here on the 25th! Busy month!
Thanks for checking in I will update again in a couple of weeks after the next appt.

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