Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The other knee

Just a quick little update that I wasn't planning on doing but unfortunately we have a new joint affected. Jackson's right knee was the bad knee that he had the joint injection in 3 1/2 weeks ago. Up until now the left knee was not affected but I am disapointed to say now it looks as though this awful disease has spread to the left knee now too! I have been noticing that he has been limping slightly and walking a little funny lately. I just assumed it was the right knee that was bothering him, it is only a very slight limp that probably only I noticed because I watch him very closely now. Tonight I made him lie down and let me look at his knees and sure enough it looks swollen and when I feel it, it feels squishy and full of fluid. My heart sank, we are now up to 4 joints total with some tendons affected. So we are moving further away from Pauciarticular JRA and closer to being classified as extended JRA and possibly Polyarticular JRA. I am just so disapointed, after the joint injection and the start of Methotrexate (chemotherapy) he seemed to improve really well and I maybe got my hopes up to high that we were on our way to remission of this terrible disease. We already have a appt. with Dr. Vehe (Peds Rheumatolgist) schduled for next Thursday in Minneapolis so I can't wait to see him!
We also got the results last week of his last chest xray and the left upper lobe alectasis (partial collopsed lung) is gone! Yay, I was soooo relieved, they think it must have just been from being sedated that day.
Other than taking 2 weeks to get over a cold Jackson has been doing great! This week he is in bible school and loves it! He is so proud and tells everyone he is going to school! It is so cute, but he is going to be disapointed when its over at the end of the week. But in the fall he will be a busy boy with preschool 2 days a week for 2 hours and group speech therapy 2 days a week for 2 hours. For a little boy who has never been to daycare this will be new and exciting for him and me too! I can't wait for him to have the socialzation with other kids!
Well hopefully I won't have to update again til after the next appt!
Please send extra prayers and thoughts for Jackson this week!
Thank you! Sara

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