Monday, September 13, 2010

Never A Dull Moment!

It feels like its been forever since I updated this site but I think its only been about 3 weeks!
Mike and I just got back from Pittsburgh. It was nice to get away, it was our first vacation without Jackson! I missed him a lot but he had a great time with my Grandma!
Jackson has been doing well. He just started Preschool and a speech group (which he refers to as school). He is goes 4x a week and loves it. Wednesday he will start riding the bus to speech, which he is sooo excited for! On memorial day weekend Jackson had a couple of ''episodes'' that freaked me out. He would just all of sudden zone out with this blank stare,possibly a seizure. It would last for a minute or less. It happened about 4 times in 2 days. I called urgent care and talked to a nurse she didn't not think they could see him, she didn't think they were equiped given his disease. I then called the on call ped and he said to give him tyneol. Not sure why because he didn't have a fever and he wasn't sick. But this was the same Ped who said there was nothing wrong with him before he was diagnosed with the JRA. So given his past with Jackson I decided to call the on call Rheumatolgist at The Childrens Hospital. She said he needed to be evaulated and that he could be seen by someone here so we wouldn't have to drive to Minneapolis. The next day was Memorial day and then we left for Pittsburgh so he hasn't been seen yet. And his ped is out all week. So I called and left a message with Dr. Vehe's nurse to ask him what we should do so just waiting to hear back from her. We have a appt. in Minneapolis with Dr. Bothun to look at the eyes on Wednesday. So its been 4 weeks since we increased the methotreaxte to see if the eye would get better. I am soooo anxious because if there are still cells we will be adding another med. So please pray and cross your fingers we get good news Wednesday!! As far as the other knee it is still the same, no improvement but it hasn't gotten worse either.
Thank you for checking in and I will update after Wednesdays appt.

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  1. Fingers crossed for good news Wednesday! I'll be thinking of you guys. How are the shots going? Give Jackson a hug from Jackie!