Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good news and bad news

Jackson had a appointment with the opthlamologist at the Childrens hospital today. We got some good news and bad news. Good news is his eyes are CLEAR, no cells!!!! Yay I was so happy and relieved I could have cried! Bad news is the pressure is high in his eyes which puts him at higher risk for glaucoma. We were told that glaucoma and cataracts were a risk the longer your on the steriod eye drops. I am not pleased with this but sooo happy about the cells being gone! So as of now we are decreasing the steriod eye drops and hopefully getting off them completely soon. We will be re-checking the eyes again in 4 weeks and I am already nervous! I am a little nervous about being so happy because we have tried weaning off the eye drops before and they flared. But last time he wasn't on remicade or methotrexate so hopefully this time will be different.
I drove 3 hours round trip today for a 30 minute appt. We were in there for such a short time that the vallet hadn't even parked my car yet. So you would think since they didn't touch my car I wouldn't have had to pay but of course I did! Rip off that they don't have any free parking! Seemed like such a waste of afternoon but with the good news it was well worth it! Traffic seemed to more crazy today then others and we didn't even hit rush hour either way!
Next Wednesday is Jackson's remicade infusion which will be a 7 hour day since he has to be admitted to the hospital. But my Grandma is going with us so that will help keep me company since last time was pretty boring by myself with Jackson sleeping most of the time.
We are headed out to eat to celebrate the good news!
Thanks for checking in!


  1. SO glad to hear this, Sara! I'm glad that they'll be watching his eyes closely, sounds like some scary side effects. Sounds like your next trip will be better since your Grandma will be going! Thanks for the update, it's nice to see he got a good report! :)

  2. What a mixed blessing! I've become the master at not worrying about things until they become something. Usually, they don't become! Good luck with your upcoming appointment!